Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Sound Like You're From London

So we departed yesterday (today?) at 5:00 pm from LAX and just arrived at our hostel here in London.
Not sure what to do yet but we can already tell this is going to be a trip that none of us expected... good or bad we know we are going to have a lot of fun.

So we took a stroll through London all the way to the British Museum.  Walking on the sidewalks watching cars go by on the wrong side of the road is a weird site to see, looking the "other" way to see if a car may hit you will definitely take some time to get used to but the multiple signs on the street helps.  After about a 20-25 minute "lost walk" we finally make it to the British Museum and it is stunning from the outside.

We got inside and quickly realized that it was not a smart idea to go walking around this huge museum when we could barely keep our eyes open, so after about a 5 minute fairly easy deliberation, we realized it was time to go back get some food and "hang out" for a little while.  We stopped off at a little cafe to grab a bite to eat.

We are now back at the hostel awaiting a reasonable time to go to sleep (it is 6:40 pm here).  Tomorrow is a big "tourist" day for us as we may go on a Big London tour with some people from the hostel.  Speaking of people, not too many friendly people around here but that may change as we get more acclimated with the hostel environment.

We plan on updating this everyday and hope you guys enjoy them.  We love all our friends and family and just want you guys to enjoy the fun we are having.  We want to give a special shout out to Rachel, we love you and already miss you and hope you enjoy the only child life for a little while (get them to buy you FIFA '14) because you will be spoiled the next few months!

See you soon!

-The TriPod


  1. As a Gluck who you cruelly left behind, I plan on following this blog religiously. Keep posting and making us all jealous!

    (Uncle) Benjamin

  2. So excited to read more about your adventures! Have a great time, Brothers Gluck!

  3. meh....hahaha jk man. have a blast.