Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our Real First Day In London

Day 2 (or we like to think of it as Day 1) of our excursion.  After accidentally waking up at 12:30 because Isaac and I could not fall asleep (thank to the snoring lady in our hostile, who obviously has a problem with her allergies) last night, we started our day off pretty late.  We went to the train station to try and take care of some last minute details regarding our Eurail passes and came to find out we can't buy them in the UK.  We still managed to get our tickets to York all squared away so we will be there Saturday.  The whole time difference thing is really throwing us all off guard.  By the time we got back to the hostel and talked with the parents it was 4:00 or 16:00 pm and we were off to actually make it to the British Museum.

Since we actually knew where we were going we made it to the British Museum pretty quickly and it was as beautiful fully awake as it was half awake.  Isaac did find an Old British Phonebooth that he needed to get a picture of.  They are a lot less cool in person than the toys you see as a kid but I think that has to do with how dirty they are.

We finally made it into the British Museum and the entry way is magnificent, it is beautiful and extremely royal (something I expect from a London museum).

Since we only had about an hour left we went and saw some of the more important aspects of the museum but all 3 of us agreed that we should come back when we had more time, maybe the day before we leave London back to Los Angeles.  We did get to see the Rosetta Stone (which is unbelievable) as well as the oldest chess set. 

Here are some photos of some other things we got to see, from really big swords to tombs

We also found the first ever statue of Tommy Trojan and Traveler and knew we needed to get a picture of them as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After the British Museum, Isaac convinced us to go find the Apple Store which we all happily obliged.  We of course got lost on the way and went in the completely wrong direction but were fine with it because we got to enjoy some of the sites.  We saw some cool cars.  And every time we pass a small dark alley it always reminds us that we are on the set of Harry Potter (is that being a nationalist?)

 London really reminds of like a much older version of New York, we love how you can cross streets whenever you want and it is pretty crazy seeing busses/cars not caring if people are crossing the street and still going by at normal speed.  We finally made it to the Apple store after around an hour of walking around and it was incredible!

After the Apple store we actually headed to the Nike Town which was basically right across from the Apple Store.  Tzvi and I knew that London had incredible shoes so we wanted to see if there would be some great Nike sneakers and we were definitely not disappointed.  I ended up getting a pair of Nike (off the courts).  Also what was really strange was seeing an authentic Aaron Rodgers jersey for only 60 pounds or around $90.  I guess because football is not popular there everything is so much cheaper. 
 After Nike Town we were extremely hungry so we went to a local Burger and Beer place because Tzvi and I wanted to have Isaac legally drink for the first time in his life.  We all ordered our burgers and I will let you guess which drink is Isaac's...

Yup that is right, even in London, on a trip of a lifetime the kid won't indulge with his brothers with a nice Lager.  Red Wine?  What!

We are now at the hostile and we think we are going to go out and grab some drinks, if anything happens we will update you with it tomorrow morning (our time), but you can expect these blogs around noon-4 pm American time.

With all that said we love you all and Rachel (plus our two little weekend sisters) don't worry we haven't forgot about you we all love you and have a surprise coming your way within the next few days!

-The TriPod


  1. Boys! Dad's secretary here. Thanks for creating this blog for those of us who are stuck here at work (Jonathan - I'm on a break). How about we get a little crazy while we're in another country. Your pictures are nice but they are just that... nice. $100 to the person with the funniest photograph. You must either be in the photograph or capture a moment with one of your brothers. The funnier the photograph, the higher the price. For example: Isaac: You put your hand on the lion's head - is that really the best you can do? Get creative - don't get arrested - keep it PG-13. GAME ON BOYS!

  2. And if you do get arrested, call Esther's boss!!