Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday To Old London Town

So I sit here at 2:07 am (London time) watching the Jets vs. Patriots game on our slingbox, I don't necessarily miss the United States but I do miss having my own bed.  The snoring old lady is at it again in our room and I'm not even sure if my brothers are sleeping or not, Tzvi didn't fall asleep until 7 am Thursday morning and Isaac only got around 4 hours of sleep, but enough of the gloom, lets get on to the fun stuff.

Today was full day 2 and we knew that we wanted to go see the real historical stuff of London and the more touristy parts.  We started out our day again later than we wanted to, not waking up until around noon when our French roommates came to wake us up.  We finally got out of the hostel around 1 and made our 2 mile treck to the Burough Marketplace to get some Toasties on recommendation from Mikey Geragos.  When we got there we had no idea where to get it so we wound up getting some Indian Curry which is extremely good.

We then headed over to see the London Eye, Big Ben, House of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace.

After the historical sites we were all starving so we made our way to a local delicacy known as Pizza Hut (this isn't the same Pizza Hut that Americans are used to, well same company just not same type of restaurant).  We were surprised at how "fancy" the Pizza Hut was here in London, sit down with waiters, as well as a big menu and "gourmet" type food.  We started off with a garlic bread bruschetta that was actually pretty good and got a chicken, onion, and mushroom pizza that was much better than your normal Pizza Hut pizza, I topped off my meal with a nice Peroni.
(yup that is Pizza Hut)
After eating dinner we headed back to the hostel to charge our batteries and figure out what we were going to do the rest of the night.  I primarily wanted to go drinking, Tzvi being Tzvi was fine with that, and Isaac we had to basically drag out.  We went to the other hostel where they have a bar and got some drinks, after one drink Tzvi and I made Isaac do a shooter because he didn't want such a big drink, the bartender offered up a brain hemorrhage which was actually very tasty.  As we were walking back to the hostel Isaac mentioned that he wanted another shooter so we stopped off at a local pub and got Isaac a shooter called a Baby Guinness and Tzvi and I got Captain Morgan shots.    We left the pub and continued on to our hostel to call it a fairly early night. 

And this leaves me at the present time 2:30 in the morning and I am watching the Patriots beating the Jets and enjoying watching the dumbfounded look on Rex Ryan's face.  

Sorry Esther, no good pictures today, you need to tell Isaac to step up his game and drink with the big boys, the cranberry vodkas just won't do it much longer (he won't drink the beer and doesn't like Jack and Cokes).  Tzvi and I want to drink more but being the good big brothers that we are, don't want to leave our little brother behind.  Goodnight to everyone, talk to you all tomorrow.  

Oh yea Dad, we saw the Triathlon Square (better known as Trafalgor Square) and thought of you, some very cool Triathlon stuff. 


  1. I'm having fun reading your blog guys. It's making me pretty jealous. Make sure to have a lot of fun and forget to update your fantasy teams. Except for you Elie, you can work on your team all you want, I don't think it will make a difference. Intercontinental trash talk is fun.

    1. Weird, that posted from my old travel blog. This is your big cousin Sam if you didn't notice.

  2. Pictures... nice... not prize winners but really nice.

    I hope the snoring beast of a woman that you're sleeping with is almost done with her travels so you boys can get a good night's rest.

    Drinking: Not just because Dad's reading this... an absolute rule to drinking is that you must ALWAYS have one sober person in the group to make sure that everyone is accounted for and not off in a different direction causing trouble, and "blah blah".

    Eli/Tzvi: Don't cause too much "blah blah" for Isaac... just enough....

    Isaac: Cranberry Vodka... did it come with a cute little umbrella?