Friday, September 13, 2013

London Showers Never Stopped Us

So today started off pretty slow for us all, after another long night with the sleeping bear in the room we were all pretty tired, very angry, and overall not in good moods.  Isaac wanted to go to the Science Center but informed us it was 4 miles away from our Hostel.  We couldn't figure out what to do so wound up deciding to finish up with the British Museum.  We got there and realized there was nothing really left to see so after about 10 minutes left and went to a starbucks to figure out what to do.  We decided on going to the Natural History museum which was around 2 miles away.  We figured we got an early start today so we could have a nice stroll.

Well as we start walking through London, a new part, we realized how much we love this place and all of a sudden it just starts raining, and it continues to rain.  Now here we are in hoodies and jeans with no hats or an umbrella just getting soaked.  We pass by Hyde Park and take a look at the triathlon going on and are extremely impressed by what is going on.

 (Dad we expect to see you out here someday representing the USA)

(incredible and beautiful car)
After around an hour and a half walk we finally make it to the Natural History Museum and come to find out that the Science Center is right next door!  So we enter into the Natural History Museum and find out it is not what we originally thought.  Except for one room it was a rather dull place for a Museum that should contain so much history.  To be honest, the one in Los Angeles is better than the one in London.  There was only one room that was even worth going to and we made it there.  Most have probably seen it online but they had an incredibly cool escalator with a globe around it.

After our short time in the Natural History Museum we made our way into the Science Center.  The place was really neat with a lot of cool rooms to go into.  They had a lot of American Space Technology equipment that made me Proud To Be An American!  After the Science Center we walked back to the hostel and relaxed for a little bit and charged our electronics.  We then went to Covent Garden to meet up with my friend from USC, Maddie Lay.  She took us out to a local Mexican place to get some margaritas which were extremely good.  We wanted to go out but because of all the rain everything was closed early for the night.  Unfortunately we are now back at the Hostel just doing nothing on account of the weather but have to be up early tomorrow to leave for York!

We did find a drink that Isaac likes and that we could all drink together, Margaritas!

Goodnight to everyone and talk to you soon.

-The TriPod

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  1. No picture of Isaac drinking his margarita? Safe trip tomorrow to York!!