Friday, October 4, 2013

Berlin, Prague, and Budapest - 3 Best Cities So Far

Been a while since we posted from here.  It has been hard because we have been traveling a lot and haven't really been taking many pictures to be honest.  However, today in Budapest was incredible and this has easily been our favorite place in Europe so far, there is so much history and it is such a beautiful city.  We have a few pictures of Berlin and Prague but the majority of this entry will be of Budapest.

Berlin:  Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Wall, Jewish Museum, Berlin Zoo

We only spent a couple days in Prague but it was a beautiful place, the old architecture is incredible and the nightlife was awesome.  We did a pub crawl the first night and there were lots of people there which made it even better.

Now onto Budapest.  This place is remarkable.  I don't understand how it doesn't get more recognition for being such an incredible city because to be honest this is far and away the best city so far in Europe.  The hilly city of Buda mixed with the flatland of Pest makes it such a unique city that has something for everyone.  We went on a Hop On Hop Off bus that takes you all around the city and we got to see so many different historical sites.  We then went on a night river tour down the Danube which splits the cities of Buda and Pest.  

Here are pictures of the Citadel, Buda Castle, and so much more.

So we have Budapest for 3 more nights before heading to Venice so I'm sure there will be even more fantastic photos coming soon.

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